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Laughters from the all world, come and laugh with us !

 2003 Sunday the 4th 

The World Laughter Day

For the first time in France
in Frontignan
South France, between Sète and Montpellier
Frontignan Pla ha ha ha age !
The International Laughter Day 
has been created by Doctor Madan Kataria
To know more, please, click here
Mission: World Peace Through Laughter
"We are at war within ourselves, that is why there is war outside in the world today. If we can bring peace inside us through Laughter Clubs,(...) there will be everlasting peace in the entire world" Dr Madan Kataria.
Photo Vincent Andorra - Midi Libre
To watch all the pictures of May the 4th, please click here!

April  the 13th

 Sorry for my terrible english!

Saturday May the 3rd 

Welcome at 17h30

Saturday May the 3rd, 20h00, Salle de l'Aire :   Theatre comedy from Frédéric Cosseron by  SALUT la Compagnie! : "Il était un foie" .(6 € for the laughter club's members, 8 € for the others)

Saturday May the 3rd, 22h00, Camping Tamaris :   Dance and Laugh Party with Corinne Cosseron from L'École Française du Rire® et du Bien-Être, Eric Langlais et Moune Pons . (Entry free for everybody, you will pay what you drink and eat. Open at 20h)

Sunday May the 4th 10h - 20h

You can park your car for the all day and make everything by foot in the old city of Frontignan. Everything is OK for the people handicapped.

Sunday May the 4th, 10h, Salle Voltaire, Parc Victor-Hugo : A  conference about "Laughter and health" by Dr Henri Rubinstein, Neurologue, author of Psychosomatic of the Laughter (Free for everybody... but in French!)

Sunday May the 4th, 11h : Parc Victor-Hugo 

Meeting of all the Laughter Clubs from everywhere. Make up of clowns for the children. You will be abble to buy the tee Shirt of  the  International Laughter D ay in Frontignan that you must wear if you want to demonstrate in the afternoon.!

Procession to the City Hall with a fanfare in the streets of the old city (Frontignan is very special, it is circular!) 


Sunday May the 4th, 11h30, City Hall : 

Laughter's Apéritif

Muscat de Frontignan de la Cuvée du Rire.

First Gold Laughter from The French Laughter School to Docteur Henri Rubinstein, Neurologue, author of Psychosomatic of the Laughter.

Realisation of the Biggest burst of laughter in France Corinne Cosseron and the Laughter Club from Frontignan will animate a laughter session for the all city! 

Come and laugh as you never did it before!


The French Laughter School will offer, for the first time in the world, a Gold Laughter designed by the French artist Roland Lamon to Dr Henri Rubinstein to thank him to have been a pioneer telling us, 20 years ago, that we must laugh to live.

 Sunday May the 4th, 13h,  Restaurant Le Look : Lunch for the Laughter Clubs from everywhere. (Only with reservations, limited places! 12€, children 7€)

Sunday May the 4th, 15h, rue du Soufre : Procession of floral floats with all the children like clowns.(Free)

Sunday May the 4th, 17h, Salle de l'Aire : Arrival of the floral floats. Tasting of Muscat de Frontignan offer by the Comité des Fêtes de Frontignan to the people from the Corso.(For everybody)

Sunday May the 4th, 18h, Salle de l'Aire : Francis Prévost will hypnotize you and you will never forget it! (Free for everybody)

Monday May the 5th 9h15

If you still be here, come and laugh with us to the usual meeting of the Laughter Club of Frontignan

Monday May the 5th, 9h15, Beach of the Chant des Vagues, East Port 

And how to sleep in Frontignan?

1°) You are a member from a Laughter Club anywhere in the world?
You are invited free in the home from a Laughter from Frontignan. Reservation  Sylvie Huc : 06 62 41 93 96 
(You'll have to explain and prove that you are a regular member from a Laughter Club!)
2°) You come to laugh with us (not from a Laughter Club)?
Special conditions for the International Laughter Day at Camping des Tamaris**** where some of the animations take place.
Reservations  M. & Mme Gomez : 00 33 (0)4 67 43 44 77
Fax: 00 33 (0)4 67 18 97 90
E.mail :

 Your Club is coming to 

The International Laughter Day ?

Please contact us !

The French Laughter School


February 2003 
Steve Wilson, President Founder of World Laughter Tour
You have been inspired!
You do a wonderful job!
Next year, my Pamela and I would like to be with you in France for World Laughter Day!
PLEASE be assured that between you and me, on a very personal level, there is nothing but friendship and laughter and working for peace. We must remain non-political and do not let the arguing and tensions between governments affect our good personal relationship and our shared values.
Working every day for peace and health and happiness,

To read more messages go in Livre d'or, many are in English!

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